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Designing An Booth For A Local Trade Show? Remember These Tips

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A trade show is a great opportunity to show off your company and attract new customers and business partners. However, designing a booth for the show can be a deceptively simple task; without knowing some basic tips, it can be easy to design a booth that doesn't stand out from the pack. In order to create a booth that people will remember, use these tips.

Use Words Sparingly

Of course, your signs, posters and other materials are likely to contain a multitude of words to explain who you are and what your company does. You may feel you're brimming with ideas and information to share with people, but be aware that if people approach your booth and see a wall of text, that can be overwhelming to them.

Instead of writing too many lists and including too much information, stop and think about what you really want people to know. Focus a few key points that you can illuminate with your booth materials. For example, if you are a lawyer, you may want to include information about every single one of your services and accolades. However, focusing on a few can be more effective and easier on the eyes for people who are walking past a lot of booths and are being hit with a ton of information.

Use Physical Space

You may be focused on the table when designing your booth, but keep in mind that you'll usually have some space behind and to the side of the table that you can also use. Your first impulse may be to hang a company sign in back of the table, which can be a fine idea, but you might want to add other pieces to create a particular ambiance. Lighting, fabric screens, room dividers and other tools can help you separate yourself from others visually and help people take notice.

Have a Takeaway

Designing a booth should always include the takeaway that you're planning to give out to people who visit your booth. This can often be the most important part of booth design, as it is the part that will follow customers home and remind them of your business days after the trade show is over. Typically, an item that you know your customers use often will make your takeaway an essential item. For instance, many companies give out mugs, but pens and other office supplies may work too.

With this information, you'll be able to design a booth that people are going to respond to. Consult a trade show design agency nearby that can provide professional pointers and assistance so that you can be sure to wow everyone at the show.